fb: behind the plastic

5 Sep

the yeastie depths

day 4: mash the bag.

while mashing my bag with the utmost grace and efficiency, i got to wondering… what truly lies within the depths on my new little friend? i decided i needed to peel back the layers of plastic, and get at the truth and heart of my starter.  what’s really up with these mystical starter-birthing amish? how are they the only ones with this tasty secret?

and then i came across this on wikipedia: “there is no reason to think that the sweet, cinnamon-flavored bread has any connection to the amish people” …. wait, what?!

“according to elizabeth coblentz, a member of the old order amish and the author of the syndicated column “the amish cook”, true amish friendship bread is ‘just sourdough bread that is passed around to the sick and needy.'” ….. lies!  you can’t prove anything!

wikipedia!! how dare you crush me like this! 

i’ll be here with my fingers in my ears singing “la la la” if anyone needs me.

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