friendship bread: day 2

3 Sep


day 2: mash your bag

as you can see, this is advanced stuff. there is a lot of work and concentration involved in order for you to properly nurture and love your friendship bread starter.  it’s a bit like having a pet… a boring, lazy pet… that just sits around, takes and takes and takes without giving back, and doesn’t love you in return.  kind of like a cat.

last night, while preparing for a dinner party with nic, i met the cutest, most loveable creature: a 5-month-old golden doodle puppy named lexi.  it was like cuddling a bouncy, licky mop. i instantaneously fell irrecovably and unconditionally in love. i also suddenly realized that my own pet (a bag of yeast…) was a poor subsitute.  i was washed in dismay as i realized i would never be loved by my starter, while this lady would have her own furry bff loving her face off.  but then i remembered, in 9 days… ill get to eat my pet. and what does this lady get?? love? cuddles? a living mop? please. i get a baked manifestation of friendship. totally better than the real thing.

One Response to “friendship bread: day 2”

  1. Lindsey September 4, 2009 at 6:13 am #

    I don’t appreciate you putting down cats on your blog. You know how I feel about that.

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