happy birthday america

8 Jul

everyone deserves a cake on their birthday.  and since this past friday was america’s special day, the barefoot contessa by way of pioneer woman flag cake seemed appropriate.  you will have to excuse the lack of photographs and step-by-step in this post… i was busy stressing out because i waited to the very last second to put this baby together.  but i felt compelled to post regardless.  i needed someone to share this patriotic triumph with.  because you see, we had a few bumps along the way…

1. i forgot to buy berries… which, as you can see, is kind of key.  so 20 minutes before people arrived, i was frantically running to the grocery. 

2. this was my very first time piping. ever.

3. this was my first successful frosting experience.  (let’s try and forget the horror that was the vegan chocolate frosting of grainy imperfection.)

but by the time i finished the decorations, the guests had already arrived, i was covered in frosting, and more than a bit of a mess.  thanks to nic for providing some photo documentation, as i was too busy drowning my residual stress in the vat of sangria i had made the moment i woke up that morning. (i guess we see where my priorities lie.)

here my visiting former roommate and i decorate the cake.  it was a process as i was attempting to be accurate in my portrayal and forgot how many red and white stripes there were supposed to be… (quick side note: my old photojo prof would probably drop kick me in the face if he knew i posted back photos.  he fights back pictures with spiderman like super powers when he isn’t molding young minds.)

for a lovely step-by-step and the recipe, check out the pioneer woman’s post, which i obsessively stalked prior to baking (not to mention pretty much every day).  the cake really did taste great.  it has sour cream in the cake and then cream cheese in the frosting.  so it was a bit of a kick in the taste buds, but in a good way.  my visitor claimed she wanted me to bake her wedding cake after tasting it… i told her as long as it could look like a flag, we would be set.

one thing i feel i should warn you of… make sure you don’t celebrate america so hard that you forget to refrigerate it overnight… the next morning my leftover cake was covered in mold.  (thank goodness we had consumed the majority of it the night before.)  i don’t know if it was the combination of all that dairy/cream cheese and the rasberries or what.  but it was wicked gross.  im pretty sure i ate some of that mold.  i’ll never be the same.

2 Responses to “happy birthday america”

  1. Mary July 14, 2008 at 8:49 pm #

    I think the cake looks great! (and good to know about the mold!)

  2. Mom July 17, 2008 at 6:15 pm #

    Mrs. Riley would be so proud of you!

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